About this site

Why this website… 

With a grandfather who fought in ww2 I developed an early interest in history and especially in ww2.

Being born and raised in the town of Meijel I could, as a youth, still see the remains of the fierce battle that was fought, especially during the liberation in autumn 1944.

As a kid I played in the foxholes and bunkers, not aware of the personel sacrifices made back then. For one reason or another the Americans (read 7th armored division) got my special interest. It has always startled me that such young men, so far away from home, were willing to sacrifice their lives for our freedom. They were somebody’s son, husband, father or brother.

There are already several monuments revealed about the 7th Armored Division in Holland. They were erected by a number of enthusiastic volunteers who are still grateful till this day.

So, after years of reading, collecting and talking to people I thought it was time to make a memorial website concerning the 7th armored divisions losses during their Holland campaign.

This website will be updated whenever there are new facts available. Therefore, if you have any additional information, corrections, photo’s etc. regarding the men in the Roll of Honor section please feel free to contact me. Also it would be nice if a adopter of a grave concerning one of the men buried over here could contact me.  If appreciated I can mention their names in the soldiers overview but more important it makes it possible to bring people into contact with eachother.


Werner van Osch

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