Ransdaal Pfc Knott Plaque

Pfc Knott memorial plaque.

On the wall opposite number 48 on the Ransdalerstraat to Ransdaal is a plaque in honor of Pfc Richard Allen Knott. After the fight in the Peel Region a large part of the 7th Armored Division came to rest in Zuid-Limburg, Netherlands. Similarly, the squad of Pfc Knott. Mother Brull, who lived with her family at Ransdalerstraat 48 Ransdaal, did not like that the boys had to sleep outside and therefore invited them to sleep inside her home. On the morning of November 27, 1944 Pfc Knott gets his hands on a can of peaches. He enters the house and one of the other soldiers grabs a gun and says jokingly that he is going to shoot Knott if he does not get any peaches. To everyone's dismay the gun goes off and Pfc Knott is mortally wounded.

On November 27, 2008 a plaque was unveiled in honor of Pfc Richard Allen Knott. A initiative of Niek Hendrix. Lando Mulleneers and Jurgen Mingels who felt that this unfortunate boy from Tennessee had to be remembered.

Photo taken in front of the plaque. Corner Ransdalerstraat/Doctor Huntjensstraat. In the background the house where in 1944 the Brull family lived.

Ransdalerstraat 48 where the unfortunate incident occured.

Photos: Werner van Osch