Overloon Gonsowski/Renda Monument

In 1977, two boys tracking with a metal detector in Overloon at the Kamphoefweg discovered a field grave. The alerted authorities found the remains of two people. Because of  the equipment and two identification tags, they can trace that it involves two American soldiers. Further examination of the identification tags learns that they belonged to George Renda and Aloysius Gonsowski. Both were members from the C Company of the 48th Armored Infantry Battalion. This unit fought a fierce battle in the vicinity of the Kamphoefweg on October 5, 1944. The victims of that day also include George Renda and Aloysius Gonsowski. In 2009 one of the boys that found Renda and Gonsowski, Siebert Wilmsen considered that it was time for a memorial. Together with Joost Evertsen, Niek Hendrix and Hans van Toer he forms a working group. With the help of the Gemeente  Boxmeer, this group establishes a permanent memorial for these two men. In 2009 the monument is unveiled.

Monument on the exact spot where they were found.

Text on the monument:
On this spot on February 1, 1977 the body's of two American soldiers belonging to the 48th Inf. Bt. 7th Armored Division, were found.
George J. Renda
Aloysius Gonsowski
Both killed in action October 5, 1944.

Photos: Werner van Osch

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