Ospel 7th Armored Division Monument

In 2004 Niek Hendrix got the idea of erecting a monument to the fallen of the 7th Armored Division in his hometown of Ospel. The stories of his father Harry Hendrix who witnessed everything back in 1944 had always fascinated him. In collaboration with Wesley Johnston he managed to identify 48 names. On 26 May, 2007 with a lot of ceremony and in the presence of many invited guests, including some from America,  the monument was unveiled. On the monument are the 48 names of the soldiers who gave their lives in the battle for Ospel. This monument was the beginning for a number of initiatives on the 7th AD in the Netherlands for Niek Hendrix. Further research has resulted in another 4 names so today the number has risen to 52. Possibly more names will be added in the future.




Photos: Werner van Osch