Meijel 7th Armored Division Monument

After the monument in Ospel, it was time for a memorial to the 7th Armored Division in Meijel. The local history association Medelo formed a working group and Niek Hendrix advised them. In particular Medelo member Jeu Dorssers was a passionate supporter and he also signed for the final design. Together with the Municipality of Meijel  a suitable location was found in central Meijel on the Town Hall Square (Raadhuisplein). On 24 October, 2009 with great interest the monument was unveiled by Hans Janssen and John Althuijzen both Dutch veterans of the 7th Armored Division. After inauguration of the monument wreaths and flowers were laid by the various delegates. At last Meijel had his own tribute to the 7th Armored Division.


Front row guests.

Pastoor Schoenmakers blessing the monument.

After unveiling the monument Dutch 7th veterans Hans Janssen and John Althuizen salute their comrades.

Niek Hendrix giving his speech.

Photos: Werner van Osch

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