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Overloon 7th Armored Division Tank Monument

Location: Square in front of the Liberty Park, Overloon, Netherlands

A committee consisting of Niek Hendrix, Hans van Toer, Iwan van Dijk, Piet Peters and Herman Dinnissen managed to get a hold on a you may say battered wreck of an old Sherman tank. This tank was found on a military shooting range in Oldenbroek, Netherlands. The aim was to transform the wreck to a sherman tank named “Able Abe”. Abe was a tank 40th Tank Battalion and part of  A company. On October 1, 1944, Abe was disabled to the West of Overloon. Technician 4th Grade All Persons lost his life.

The restoration was a costly and time-consuming task for the volunteers. But Saturday 8 October 2011 the tank could be revealed. Again Overloon had a 7th Armored monument and this one was very impressive.

Photos: Werner van Osch

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