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Edson, Stuart Partridge
Date of Birth June 20, 1920
Hometown/County Middlesex County
State Massachusetts 
Rank 1st Lieutenant 
ASN 0-467449 
Unit  23rd Armored Infantry Battalion
Company/Troop Company HQ 
MOS Code 2260 
KIA/DOW/MIA DOW, October 6. 1944, vicinity Overloon/Venray
Last Duty Location October 6, 1944, vicinity Overloon
Next of Kin Edith Ward Mason Edson (Wife)
Hazel Howard Partridge Edson (Mother)
Caroll Andrew Edson (Father)
Lucille Elizabeth Edson (Sister)
Virginia Crane Edson (Sister)
David Hatch Edson (Brother) 
Buried at Brookfield Cemetery, Brookfield, Vermont, USA
Grave No.  
Photo's: Soldier: Niek Hendrix
Grave: Bill DeFlorio
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