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Amerson, Leonard C.
Date of Birth October 2, 1918
Hometown/County Manchester/Meriwether County
State Georgia
Rank Technician 5th Grade
ASN 34263729
Unit  17th Tank Battalion
Company/Troop Company A
MOS Code 737, Tank Driver
KIA/DOW/MIA MIA, October 4, 1944 East of Overloon
Last Duty Location October 4, 1944 between 2 woods west of Kijkuit and North of Castle Hattert, East of Overloon
Awards Purple Heart, Bronze Star
Next of Kin

Ella Pearl Morell Amerson(Mother)
George Gustus Amerson(Father)
Nettie Amerson (Sister)
Effie A. Carlisle Amerson (Sister)
Loney E. Morell (Sister)
Grady Amos Amerson (Brother)
Gus Amerson (Brother)

Buried at USMC Margraten, Netherlands
Grave No. Wall of the Missing
Photo(s) WOM: Werner van Osch
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