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Tetrault, Roland Emile
Date of Birth November 22, 1919 
Hometown/County St. Albans/Franklin County
State Vermont 
Rank 1st Lieutenant 
ASN 0-1014184 
Unit  31st Tank Battalion 
Company/Troop Company C 
MOS Code 1203, Tank Officer 
KIA/DOW/MIA KIA, September 30, 1944, vicinity Overloon 
Last Duty Location September 30, 1944, vicinity Overloon 
Next of Kin

Doris Hemingway Tetrault (Wife) 

Terrance Tetrault (Son)

Lula D. Tatro Tetrault (Mother)

Ovila P. Tetrault (Father)

Rodolphe Tetrault (Brother)

Merle Francis Tetrault (brother)

Marie Virginia Tetrault (Sister)

Marie Pauline Anette Tetrault (Sister)

Patricia jeanette Tetrault (Sister)

Buried at St. Mary's Church of the Nativity Parish Cemetery, Swanton, Vermont, USA 
Grave No.  
Photo(s) Grave: Dale Messier 
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