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Fortunato, Frank
Date of Birth August 3, 1917
Hometown/County Pittsburgh/Alleghenny County
State Pennsylvania 
Rank Corporal 
ASN 33266900 
Unit  814th Tank Destroyer Battalion
Company/Troop Company B 
MOS Code  
KIA/DOW/MIA KIA, October 28, 1944 
Last Duty Location October 28, 1944, along or near Asten-Meijel road, North-West of Meijel 
Awards Purple Heart
Next of Kin

? Fortunato (Mother)

Nicola Fortunato (Father)

Frances Fortunato (Sister)

James Fortunato (Brother)

Manuel Fortunato (Brother)

Anthony Fortunato (Brother)

George Fortunato (Brother)

John Fortunato (Brother)

Domenica Fortunato (Sister)

Buried at Cavalry Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Grave No.  

Soldier: The Pittsburgh Press

Grave: Glenn

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