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Hart, Robert Searles
Date of Birth December 10, 1914
Hometown/County Summitville/Sullivan County
State New York 
Rank Corporal 
ASN 32315093 
Unit  33rd Armored Engineer Battalion
Company/Troop Company C 
MOS Code 653, Squad Leader 
KIA/DOW/MIA MIA, October 19, 1944, probably Nort-West of Griendtsveen near map coordinates 707-181 
Last Duty Location October 19, 1944, probably North-West of Griendtsveen near map coordinates 707-181
Awards Purple Heart 
Next of Kin

Amelia H. Coon (Mother)

Stanley Hart (Father)

Edith Hart (Sister)
Enoch Hart (Brother)

Fred Hart (Brother)

Myrtle Hart (Sister)

James Hart (Brother)

Ambrose Hart (Brother)

William Hart (Brother) 


Buried at USMC Margraten, Netherlands 
Grave No. Wall of the Missing 
Photo's: WOM: Werner van Osch
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