Soldiers Overview

Vanderbush, Clifford "Red"
Date of Birth October, 1916 
Hometown/County Waupun/Fon Du Lac County 
State Wisconsin 
Rank Staff Sergeant 
ASN 36291069 
Unit  23rd Armored Infantry Battalion 
Company/Troop Company HQ 
MOS Code 652, Section Leader? 
KIA/DOW/MIA DOW, on or after October 17, 1944, 53rd Field Hospital 
Last Duty Location October 17, 1944, Canal East of Deurne 
Next of Kin

Ann L. Vanderbush (Wife)

Ronald Vanderbush (Son)

Bruce Vanderbush (Son)

Debra Vanderbush (Daughter)

Allan Vanderbush (Father)

Anna Siervogel Vanderbush (Mother)

Walter Vanderbush (Brother)

Ray Vanderbush (Brother)

Annette Vanderbush (Sister)

Hanna VanderBush (Sister)

Kate Vanderbush (Sister)

Nelda Vanderbush (Sister)

? (Sister)

? (Sister)


Buried at Cavalry Cemetery, Waupun, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, USA
Grave No. Block 4, Lot 44, Grave 4
Photo(s) Grave: John Bett
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