Soldiers Overview

Woodell, Burwell Howard
Date of Birth April 24, 1911 
Hometown/County Everett, Middlesex County 
State Massachusetts 
Rank 1st Lieutenant 
ASN 0-1823532 
Unit  814th Tank Destroyer Battalion 
Company/Troop Company C 
MOS Code Unknown 
KIA/DOW/MIA DOW, November 20, 1944, location unknown
Last Duty Location October 29, 1944, just North of Heitrak, along road to Liessel after it makes the curve to the West but before it reaches the junction with road to Hoogebrug  
Awards Bronze Star, Purple Heart
Next of Kin

Marie L. Woodell (Wife)

Patricia (Pat) Woodell (Daughter)

Annie Coniber Woodell (Mother)

Charles Jaffery Woodell (Father)

Charles J. Woodell jr. (Brother)

Carlton D. Woodell (Brother)

Buried at USMC Margraten, Netherlands
Grave No. Plot P, Row 18, Grave 3 
Photo(s) Grave: Werner van Osch
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