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Janousek, Roman V.
Date of Birth June 15, 1916
Hometown/County Veseleyville/Walsh County
State North Dakota 
Rank Private First Class 
ASN 37323937 
Unit  40th Tank Battalion
Company/Troop Company Bn HQ 
MOS Code 531, Cannoneer 
KIA/DOW/MIA DOW, November 7, 1944, 48th Field Hospital Holland? 
Last Duty Location November 4, 1944, vicinity Ospel 
Next of Kin Josefa Stejskal Janousek (Mother) 
Peter P. Janousek (Father)
Julia Janousek (Sister)
? Janousek (Sister)
? Janousek (Brother)
Peter B. Janousek (Brother)
William Janousek (Brother)
Josephine Janousek (Sister)
Beatrice Janousek (Sister)
James Janousek (Sister)
Buried at Saint Luke Cemetery, Veseleyville, North Dakota
Grave No.  
Photo's: Soldier: Cathy Altepeter
Grave: Cathy Altepeter
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