Soldiers Overview

Wentz, Krist
Date of Birth July 28, 1923
Hometown/County Pierce County 
State North Dakota 
Rank Private First Class 
ASN 37323817 
Unit  31st Tank Battalion 
Company/Troop Company C 
MOS Code 531, Cannoneer 
KIA/DOW/MIA KIA, October 30, 1944, 2 miles East of Weert 
Last Duty Location October 30, 1944, 2 miles Easi of Weert 
Awards Purple Heart 
Next of Kin

Juliana Kraft Wentz (Mother)

Leonard Wentz (Father)

John Wentz (Brother)

Elizabeth Wentz (Sister)

Elsie Wentz (Sister)

William Wentz (Brother)

Anna Wentz (Sister)

Carolyn Wentz (Sister)

Frances Wentz (Sister)

Lillian  Marie Wentz (Sister)

Irene Rose Wentz (Sister)

Rose Wentz (Sister)

Rudolph Leonard Wentz (Brother)

Alfred Valentino Wentz (Brother)

Buried at USMC Henri-Chapelle, Belgium 
Grave No. Plot H, Row 14, Grave 44 
Photo(s) Grave: Werner van Osch 
Extra Info Also known as Christian Wentz.