Soldiers Overview

A'Hearn, Gerald James
Date of Birth December 20, 1914
Hometown/County Waukon/Allamakee County
State Iowa
Rank Corporal
ASN 13050934
Unit  17th Tank Battalion
Company/Troop Company C
MOS Code 616, Gunner
KIA/DOW/MIA KIA, October 5 1944
Last Duty Location October 5, 1944 just north of booth shaped woods north of Overloon
Next of Kin

Joseph M. A'Hearn (Father)
Agnes Hannah Devitt A'Hearn (Mother)

Grace Johanna A'Hearn (Sister)
Helen Marguerite A'Hearn (Sister)

Ireen Agnes A'Hearn (Sister)

Maria Lillian A'Hearn (Sister)

Francis Joseph A'Hearn (Brother)

Norbert Thomas A'Hearn (Brother)

John Martin A'Hearn (Brother)

Harold Patrick A'Hearn (Brother)

Clement Anthony A'Hearn (Brother)

Buried at Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky
Grave No. Section I Grave 251 (group burial)
Photo('s): Grave: John and Kim Galloway
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