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Wawrzyniak, Charles E.
Date of Birth June 29, 1917 
Hometown/County Saint Whiting/Lake County 
State Indiana 
Rank Private 
ASN 35111736 
Unit  17th Tank Battalion 
Company/Troop Company A 
MOS Code 604, Light Machine Gunner 
KIA/DOW/MIA DOW, October 4, 1944 in German Lazaret that was temporarily located in the municipal hospital of Tegelen, The Netherlands.
Last Duty Location October 4, 1944, between two woods West of Kijkuit and North of Castle Hattert East of Overloon
Awards Purple Heart 
Next of Kin

Josephine Wawrzyniak (Mother)

Ludwik Wawrzyniak (Father)

Martin Wawrzyniak (Brother)

John Wawrzyniak (Brother)

Joseph Wawrzyniak (Brother)

Martha Wawrzyniak (Sister)

Stanley Wawrzyniak (Brother)

Anthony Wawrzyniak (Brother)

Buried at USMC Neupré en Condroz, Belgium
Grave No. Plot d, Row 9, Grave 11
Photo(s) Soldier: Joost Evertson
Grave: Werner van Osch
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